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You are looking for a reliable partner with a clear vision? Upside Recruitment is the new player that focuses on the clearly defined segment of finance positions for the booming market in Luxembourg. Drop us a line to learn more about our services.

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Attracting multi-lingual candidates
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Digital first - approach
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We have a deep understanding of the market


The country’s private banking sector has continued to diversify into high-net-worth and  ultra-high-net-worth client segments, with assets under management having grown by more than 20% over the past 5 years. Assets under management in private equity funds in Luxembourg grew by 50% in 2019.

Luxembourg’s financial services workforce employs some 51,000 people, of which about 50% work in the banking sector (including fund-servicing activities), 31% in the fund industry (the parts not performed by banks), 8% in insurance and around 11% in support services.

Luxembourg has a unique multi-lingual and multi-cultural workforce with allone 50.000 German residents communing daily into the country. Many of them are employed in the financial sector.

We have a deep understanding of the market

The booming destination for the EU's finance sector

Excellent outlook
A growing market share
Favourable taxation
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Frequently Asked Questions

What positions to you usually work on?

Only Luxembourg (well, almost only), and only finance sector. We are targeting mid-level positions from (experienced) junior-positions up to management roles with a small team to lead.

What salary range are you covering?

We do not accept mandates with an annual compensation package of less than € 50.000. There is no maximum, but most positions range up to € 100.000 or € 120.000.

Do you work on C-level positions as well?

Most of our clients are rather small in size, so there might be a C-level position to fill here and there. But if you are interested in what is usually understood by C-level position, i.e. with upper six-digits salaries or more: There are other agencies on the market you should consult here.

Do you have an office in Luxembourg?

No, we do not.

Is this legal? Offering recruitment services without an office in Luxembourg?

Yes, absolutely. We are a licensed provider of recruitment services and based in the EU, so there is no restriction on us in any means.

Can we meet in person?

Sure! We have a real office in Sofia, Bulgaria. Furthermore, we may meet in Luxembourg – if the pandemic situation allows it. But maybe a virtual meeting can do the job for now.

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We want to go the extra mile for our corporate clients and for the candidates that trust in our services. If you believe in personalized services as we do, you will certainly appreciate our quality  and the commitment we bring in.





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